Nutanix and EDB Partner to Deliver a Modern Data Platform

May 21, 2024

With EDB on Nutanix Database Service, joint customers can accelerate their adoption of PostgreSQL to support transactional, analytical, and AI applications at scale.

BARCELONA, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 21, 2024-- .NEXT Conference – Today, Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, and EnterpriseDB (“EDB”), a leader in accelerating PostgreSQL in the enterprise, announced an expanded partnership that aims to enable customers to harness the power of PostgreSQL to support their most data-intensive and highly secure applications and workloads.

The combined solution brings together Nutanix Database Service’s (NDB) powerful developer self-service and database automation with EDB’s performance and high availability, enterprise security, and Oracle compatibility capabilities. The solution aims to empower joint customers to accelerate their adoption of PostgreSQL to support both new cloud-native applications and existing enterprise applications at scale in on-premises datacenters and public clouds alike. EDB can also help expand functionality beyond transactional workloads to support analytics and AI-infused applications in the future.

“Nutanix Database Service automates provisioning, patching, cloning, and data protection to accelerate deployment, support day two operations, maintain compliance, and manage databases at scale,” said Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer at Nutanix. "Our collaboration with EDB allows customers to deploy PostgreSQL in the most demanding enterprise environments while simultaneously increasing productivity for developers building applications on PostgreSQL.”

“The expanded partnership between Nutanix and EDB promises a seamless path to migration from legacy systems and provides a competitive edge for the AI generation of applications with support for transactional, analytical and AI workloads,” said Kevin Dallas, Chief Executive Officer at EDB. “EDB’s future data and AI platform will catapult PostgreSQL into the world of data analytics and AI, providing businesses with a PostgreSQL-enabled, comprehensive data ecosystem.”

Enterprises are increasingly turning to PostgreSQL, the world’s most popular open-source relational database, to jumpstart innovation, reduce their reliance on expensive proprietary databases, and improve business agility. Developers love PostgreSQL's extensibility, customizability, and strong community ecosystem, while IT and operations teams praise its performance, scalability, and security capabilities.

With this expanded partnership, EDB becomes an officially supported database of Nutanix Database Service. EDB’s performance enhancements, advanced security capabilities, and Oracle compatibility features coupled with NDB’s API-driven developer integrations and database management capabilities will provide customers with more reliable database operations, more productive developers, and faster time-to-market.

Additional benefits for Nutanix and EDB joint customers include:

  • Consistent Operations: Nutanix Database Service uses automation to simplify database provisioning and administration tasks like cloning, patching, and backups, allowing DBAs to manage an ever-growing number of databases while ensuring best practices are applied consistently across the entire fleet.
  • Database-as-Code: NDB enables operations and platform engineering teams to seamlessly integrate EDB solutions into developer platforms, allowing developers to self-service deploy databases in minutes to hours instead of logging tickets and waiting days to weeks.
  • Simplified Migration: With EDB’s compatibility features and related migration tools, customers can run many applications written for commercial databases with minimal to no changes, helping to speed up and de-risk migrations and get developers up and running quickly on Postgres.
  • Multicloud Infrastructure: IT and operations teams can run EDB solutions across private and public clouds on Nutanix hybrid multicloud infrastructure with centralized and coordinated support at the data layer.
  • Enhanced Performance and Reliability: EDB includes advanced performance and security capabilities, such as parallel query processing, while Nutanix’s modern infrastructure further optimizes database performance, scalability, and availability, making PostgreSQL suitable for a wider range of business-critical applications and workloads.
  • End-to-End Customer Support: Customers get seamless, end-to-end enterprise support - from the hardware to the database software and extensions - including best practice advice, performance troubleshooting advice, and database engine bug fixes from both Nutanix and EDB.

EDB on NDB is available now. To learn more, please visit:

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